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My well-loved Paint horse Beau has happily lived at Eden’s Aspen for 5 years now.  The care he has received in that time has been exemplary.  The environment the Haney’s have created at the barn is low on drama and high on inclusion and support- no easy trick in the horse world.  Autumn has a seemingly bottomless knowledge of horse health, care, and horsemanship, and is an invaluable resource.  She manages to hire and retain a great staff and is constantly making improvements to the property.  Since our move here, I’ve had a couple of health issues leaving me unable to get to the barn for several months.  This leads me to the best endorsement I can give to Eden’s Aspen.  During those times, I never once worried about the care and attention Beau would receive in my absence.  

Thomi & Beau


I came to EAH with my shy 2 year old. After a year of  training with Autumn, I have a curious and confident 3 year old that I can depend on. A total extrovert in his herd life, and someone I can trust will keep me safe as we begin riding in our next chapter of training. 


On top of the training successes, the boarding facility is always clean, the community is always welcoming, and I can always trust EAH to take the best care of my boy, and it makes me feel good to see how well they know him and every horse that boards here.

Lauren & Finn

Lauren & Finn.jpg

You can’t evaluate Eden’s Aspens without getting to know Autumn, the barn's business owner, lead trainer, and director. Autumn is organized, communicative, and down-to-earth. She is fair with her clients and their horses: never expecting more than mutual respect and a willingness to learn. Autumn has a rare talent for negotiating the physiological, emotional, and didactic aspects of horsemanship. Some call her a “horse-whisperer”, but there is no mystery to her methods. Her 6th horse sense is built from decades of firsthand experience.

I came to Eden’s Aspens without any background in horsemanship. Autumn took a thoughtful approach to establish our client relationship. We discussed my experience and goals and set a regular lesson cadence. The lessons started with groundwork, graduating in digestible increments until I was trotting, loping, and working through obstacle courses.


It’s been a true pleasure to train under Autumn. She's a gifted teacher -  on the same level as that one teacher from grade school that you will always love and remember (mine was Mrs. Mackenzie). My riding lessons with Clifford are consistently the highlight of my week. After a year at Eden's Aspens, I can pridefully say, I’m a born-again horse girl.

Dianna, riding EAH lesson horse Clifford

Cliff & Diana.jpg

~Dreams come true here at Eden’s Aspens~

With a busy schedule, full time job and grandkids I thought I would never get my dream of horse ownership.  I always said I would have a horse someday, to fulfill my every birthday cake wish since childhood, but could not see how it was possible for me.  So busy and no property for a horse.  After advice from a trail guide (paid trail rides where my only experience with horses) I decided to take horsemanship lessons so I would know how to handle a horse on the ground, never thought about that.  I chose Eden’s Aspens based on reviews and location and am so glad I did!  Autumn Haney taught me all I needed to know about relationship, boundaries, and riding with her lesson horse.  Honestly, I learned a lot about myself too, there is so much more to horsemanship than I imagined.  I now understand why horses are used for therapy. 

I have a horse now and thanks to Autumn, and EAH’s vet, I got the perfect match for me!  I enjoy riding at the ranch and I get to spend time with many other horses as well.  The experience of watching them all run out to pasture together is something that you can’t explain…you just have to be there!  I also appreciate that Ben Haney is such a great Farrier and I do not have to be there for my horses shoeing if I cannot be.  Group gatherings, trail rides, and therapies for both horse and owner just add another level of joy to my life, a great community.  It is so nice having all of that and the peace of knowing my horse, Koa, is well cared for.  Wow, I really just said that…MY HORSE!!  Did I mention I love this place yet?  Well, I do!  What about you…is it time to make your dreams come true?

Georgia & Koa

Georgia & Koa.jpg

Dear Autumn,

     Thank you very much for the work that you have done with Mr. Arizona. I will admit that I thought you would not be able to break him of his dangerous habit of bucking off his riders.  He has bucked off every rider since we owned him, including a very accomplished horse trainer from Wyoming. When Claudia and I saw what you have accomplished with Arizona in only a couple of weeks we were truly amazed. We now feel that Arizona will be the great riding horse as well as the leader of our herd which we envisioned when we acquired him. You are an amazing horse trainer and have a wonderful understanding of horses.

                                                Bill (and Mr. Arizona)


I contacted Autumn, the owner/trainer of EAH, in the spring of 2020 about taking riding lessons. I hadn't ridden in several years and wanted to find out if I was still able to ride. I immediately felt comfortable with Autumn and soon realized that she is a gifted horsewoman. She uses the liberty training technique, which I had never been exposed to, and I was hooked. I love the connection I have been able to establish with my horse using liberty training. I have learned that horsemanship is more than riding, it requires good groundwork and a trust between horse and rider. Establishing this trust has allowed a deeper connection between my horse and I.


As a horsewoman Autumn understands the horse's mind and physiology. As a trainer she is very knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. Autumn is not only great with horses, she is also able to work with people of all skill levels. It is apparent that she loves what she does. 

I know my horse receives the best care possible under Autumn's guidance and that she, and the staff at EAH, have each horses best interest in mind. I haven't  even mentioned yet that the horses are turned out daily, as a herd, to graze and just be horses. It is a beautiful sight to see them in the pasture as a herd; as they should be. I know my horse is happy at EAH and that makes me happy. I love being at EAH because I can forget about daily life stresses and just enjoy my horse, and the community of like-minded horse lovers. 

Thank you Autumn

Wendy & Daisy


 When I was looking to board my best friend, Toy, I knew that not just any facility would fit. When I pulled into Edens Aspens, I was thoroughly impressed. Not only is the facility kept in excellent condition but so are the horses. Everyone, young and old, looked great and I could tell they were happy. Fields to graze and run and plenty of hay when kept in. I love the community of boarders that Autumn has built and her philosophy of horsemanship. I know that Toy is in good hands and that peace of mind is worth it’s weight in gold. I wouldn’t have him anywhere else!

Gillian & Toy

Gillian & Toy.jpg

Having found the equine experience later in life (at the age of 62) my experience may be more limited than others. However, after three previous "training experiences" I have formed some opinions. 


To take on the number of horses and clients that Autumn does, you would first have to care about the horses. That is the fundamental premise and guides everything about her approach with both them and her clients. There are some who can teach you how to ride, others that may show and instruct what good horsemanship means, and occasionally you'll find the proper combination of the two. 


Autumn approaches every horse the same- with honesty, courtesy and respect while always establishing safe and necessary boundaries for both participants in the dance. Go watch her work. She has reserves of patience and understanding that will amaze you. I can't tell how many times I've seen her take, whatever the unlimited amount of time necessary, for a horse to work through in it's mind whatever she was asking of them - most always with the desired result achieved in the end. Those kinds of transformations are a sheer joy to watch. With her calm, patient guidance , what could have been previously a troubled horse will find both a solution and the calm confidence and trust that comes with that exercise.


Whatever your personal objectives and goals for your horse may be, she will get you there with knowledge, understanding, compassion and communication. Many trainers can try to tell you what to do. Some will show you how they do it. She will find the magic way for you and your horse to get there together. Give her a chance...

Tom & Cody

Tom & Cody.jpeg

I was looking to purchase a yearling filly and was referred to Eden’s Aspens Horsemanship (EAH) by a friend. I met with Autumn Haney, the owner, looked at the property and secured my spot quickly. Over two years later, I’m still boarding my mare here and wouldn’t take her anywhere else. EAH meets all my criteria. They offer trailer parking, free feeding (included in price of board), horse blanketing when needed and overnight paddock boarding with daily turnout as a full herd. The full herd turnout is especially important to me. I want my horse to be as socialized as possible. I don’t want her to be separated from geldings, or by age group. 


Autumn’s knowledge and experience working with horses, as well as equine medical care puts my heart at ease. I know my girl is in the best hands. Autumn has taught me so much through lessons and continues to open my eyes on how to communicate and build my relationship with my horse.


Meagan & Olive

The opportunity to have my beloved horse live, learn, and have his world at Eden's Aspens Horsemanship has been a transformative experience that has touched every part of his life and mine as well. My horse is a rescue, and we went through a number of experiences together before we arrived at EAH. I looked for a home for him at many different barns that proudly emphasized their beautiful properties, beautiful buildings, and overall human experience. I never wanted my horse to live somewhere that was comfortable for me, I wanted him to live somewhere that offered the highest fulfillment of the life that was meant for him. Autumn is the first person who walked me around a boarding facility and showed me all the thoughtful features that had been put in place to follow the natural blueprint of a horse's body and spirit--abundance, free-choice feeding, attention to health and nutrition, diverse healing approaches, emotional support, enabling the natural and complex social relationships of this highly social species, freedom of movement, an approach to learning based on the principle of liberty, and above all, honoring the horses' right to have a say about their own life experience to humans who are willing to listen. This standard of care is exceptional, it is the standard that is worthy of these great beings, and it is the reason I chose EAH. 


In our lessons with Autumn, my horse was introduced to the liberty method for the first time. When Autumn talked to me about her approach to training, there was no focus on achieving a specific standard of performance by a specific time or engaging in certain activities. The emphasis was always on what the activity meant, to me and to my horse, and how thoughtfully it was arrived at step by step, rather than what it looked like or how quickly it could be accomplished.  Instead of coercion, my horse had a choice. Autumn never saw anything that happened in a lesson as "bad behavior," but rather as a question that my horse deeply wanted to ask and have answered by a human who could communicate with him. As our lessons unfolded, I got to see an approach to training that prioritized the quality of our relationships with him and his experience of life first and foremost. Training milestones that are so assertively pursued elsewhere have simply ensued as the practical and natural expression of a mutually uplifting relationship. I usually shed a few tears at the end of every lesson out of the sheer gratitude and joy I experience to be part of an unfolding miracle where this special being is uplifting himself with guidance, guardianship, and love. And we are uplifted in the process! Who I have had to become to be worthy of being my horse's guardian is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and EAH helps me fulfill that blessing of guardianship beyond what I could have done alone.


Ever since we first arrived at EAH, Autumn, her wonderful barn manager, and the whole team have been an incredible source of support. The simple kindnesses and affectionate interactions that the barn staff show my horse on a daily basis go above and beyond meeting his basic requirements. It means the world to me that other humans love my horse so much and support him on every level of his being. EAH has also given me a community of friends who have greatly enhanced my own life. Of all the people I have met in this world, the animal lovers are my favorite ones. At EAH, there is a group of people  who may have little in common out in the world but are all connected by the common thread of how much we love our horses and all horses, and how devoted we are to them. It is such a fun experience to gather with a group of people to play horse soccer, have Easter egg hunts for horse treats, dress up in Halloween costumes, or just sit and share a meal with the beautiful view from the EAH property as our setting. EAH actively cultivates this human community, and I have seen that our horses are all better off when they are supported by a team of engaged, responsible, and lighthearted people.


Ultimately, the biggest testimonial I can give for Autumn and EAH is to put into words the response that I have observed in my horse. He is a very affectionate and communicative horse by nature, and at the end of our lessons he walks up to Autumn and gives her the biggest, most slobbery, exuberant horse kiss that he can give, to convey in language he knows a human will understand just how much the interaction, the communication and the show of respect meant to him. I can't make him do that just because I like it there, and Autumn can't make him do that just because she is a competent trainer. That expression is an act of love freely given by a being who is happy to be living where his living is honored and his natural blueprint is respected. What a miracle, what an honor to be participating in such an experience.

Lane & King


I have ridden horses for 45+ years but have never properly started a young one myself. I purchased my mare, Ember, when she was 18 months old and right away, we started taking lessons with Autumn. I’ve learned more from Autumn about communicating with horses and riding in the last 3-1/2 years than I ever thought possible. There were many times Autumn would be coaching me on how to better communicate with Ember and although at the time it made no sense to me… it certainly made sense to my horse. I would not call myself fluent in horse language but at least Ember and I can better communicate now. These lessons throughout the last 3-1/2 years have come with frustration from Ember, myself, tears, stomping (from both of us) but mostly humor, laughter and lots of love shared between my horse and me. I truly do believe we would not have gotten to where we are today without Autumn taking us both on this journey through our lessons. Autumn has awesome connections throughout the community to help navigate whether a horse is acting up due to the saddle fitting properly, a pain response or whether it’s a learning curve. Fast forward to today and my 5-year old mare and I have started trail riding this summer and it has been such a beautiful partnership. I walk out into the pasture and get within ten feet of Ember and she greets me, ready for loves or a ride. With all the horses I have had across my 45+ years, Ember and I are definitely the most bonded and I credit Autumn’s understanding of the horse, human and her ability to teach us how to better understand each other. If you make the time to stop in and watch Autumn giving a lesson or get to see her work with one of her horses in training, you will definitely learn something yourself. She is absolutely amazing to watch as she communicates effectively with different horses… without even speaking a word.

Terri & Ember

Sweet Em_edited.jpg

We are so grateful we found Eden’s Aspen Horsemanship, Autumn, and all her support staff.   First and foremost from our horse’s perspective, this IS her heaven on earth. She loves living in a large mixed herd that gets turned out 7 days a week on beautiful and yummy pastures with plenty of space to roam and graze.  Autumn, Ben and the staff take excellent care of the property and the facilities are well maintained and safe.  We are always excited to try out new obstacles in the obstacle course!  Our horse Rosie, appreciates the intimacy of spending the night with 2 other horses in her paddock, as she does not prefer to be alone in a stall. Though stall living is available.   From our first day at EAH we felt comfortable and confident that the herd respects humans, and that our horse was safe, known, and well taken care of. Autumn and her staff are responsive, and it is clear they love and are passionate about horses. The boarding community is kind, funny, and present.  We all love horses, and there is often someone to ride with.  If we weren’t certain about all the above statements, we became certain when our horse battled cancer (mostly at home-and successfully) for about 6 months in 2021.  She needed multiple treatments a day, sometimes trailer trips up to CSU, and through it all, we felt completely loved and cared for at EAH, even when treatments changed quickly.  Autumn and her team were flexible and ready to do what was needed to be done, in a loving and kind way.  I didn’t realize how hard the hardest month was until we walked off the trailer from her rehabilitation facility back to our home at EAH.  Our horse (who is typically herd bound) gave me time to reconnect with all our human friends who were so excited to see us, welcome us home, and curious to hear about our journey. When it was time for Rosie to re-enter life with her paddock mates, Michal was there with her watchful eye to make sure the reunification process went successfully.  The proof was in the pudding, both Rosie and I know this is not just her home but ours ❤️.

Emily & Rosie

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