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At EAH, you will learn how to connect with horses on a deep level. You will learn how body language, intention and energy affects communication between you and your horse. 

Our lessons progress from basic horsemanship and groundwork, to the foundations of riding, and then to the focus of you and your horse’s goals.  You will learn how riding can incorporate the same body language we use on the ground.  In riding lessons, you will learn how to trust your horse to carry you at all gaits, over obstacles, and out on a trail.  We welcome and teach all disciplines of riding. 

Our main objective is to focus on the partnership between you and your horse.

Introduction to Horsemanship

In this program you will observe and learn how horses communicate with each other, as well as how to translate this into how you interact with a horse. You will learn the basic body language and techniques needed to ask a horse to do a variety of things. Your lessons will include:

  • how to get a horse to come to you when catching

  • how to properly halter, lead and handle a horse

  • how to interpret the different body language signals horses give.

  • how to use your body to communicate with a horse

  • how to properly groom a horse

  • how to lunge a horse in circles and over obstacles

  • the basics of liberty work (this is when you work with a horse without a halter or lead rope).

Catching Em.jpg

Basic Riding Techniques

This program follows the groundwork program and teaches you how to move your partnership from the ground to the saddle. Your lessons will include:

  • how to properly saddle a horse

  • how to communicate with the horse through your body while sitting on its back

  • how to relax and trust your horse in the walk, trot and lope

  • how to clearly show your horse what you are asking

  • how to yield all of the horse’s body parts

  • how to have proper control of your horse

Tacking Up.jpg

Trail Ready

In this program you will be prepared to take a horse safely on trail rides. These lessons include:

  • how to guide your horse over obstacles

  • how to work with your horse if he spooks

  • group trail rides where you will explore an even deeper partnership with your horse

Trail Water.jpeg
Group Trails.jpeg

Dressage/Western Dressage

This program will teach you how to support your horse while teaching it how to use its body properly.  In this program you will teach your horse:

  • how to use its abdominal muscles and hindquarters to move forward (as opposed to using the shoulders, bracing the neck and throwing the head).

  • how to relax while being ridden and to find purpose and meaning in each step of every gait

  • how to balance around corners and turns

  • how to work on a circle without driving the shoulder into the center

  • how to be soft and supple with the head and neck

  • how to accept, and not fight, the bit


And, as rider, you will learn:

  • how to use your body to help balance the horse under you

  • how to be soft with your hands on the reins but still have meaning

  • how to pick up the correct lead at a canter

  • how to leg yield

If you are interested in showing, we will dive even deeper into dressage techniques.

dressage copy.JPG

Liberty Work

This program will open up a whole new world of partnership between you and your horse.

A horse at liberty literally means “naked horse.”  This means there is nothing physical connecting you to the horse. You will learn how to communicate through your body language and become even more aware of your horse’s body language so you know to respond.  

Liberty work begins with having your horse simply follow you and gradually expands to asking your horse to move at different gaits over and through obstacles. 

You will find your partnership with your horse will quickly advance to a new level of trust and communication.

Captain Liberty.jpg
Gypsy Liberty.jpg

Ready to Own a Horse?

After learning all you can about the care and handling of horses, you will have the confidence to begin looking for a horse of your own. In this program, you will learn what it takes to own a horse and what you want in a horse. Questions to consider include:

  • What are your goals and desires in your horsemanship?

  • What level of training do you want your horse to already have?

  • What age horse do you want?

  • Do you have a specific breed of horse in mind?

  • What are the costs associated with owning a horse?

  • How much time are you able to commit to your horse

  • Would you like to adopt or buy your horse?

These questions, and more, will be answered.  In addition, Autumn will help you in your search and accompany you as you visit prospective horses. She can help evaluate the horse and its potential match with you. Once a horse is found she will help you with the buying process, including locating a vet and farrier if necessary, and helping transport and introduce the horse to its new home.

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