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At EAH, we believe in a strong foundation of horsemanship skills in addition to learning to ride!

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call Kayla at 303-859-3372.



The first lesson will always be on the ground so that your child will get to know their horse and learn basic safety and communication. They will learn to catch and halter their horse, groom, lead, and do basic ground work skills that establish trust, leadership, and respectful boundaries. Following the first lesson, your child will progress based on age and ability.


Typically, kids over the age of 9 will have a higher expectation for being able to handle their horse and may spend a few lessons doing ground work before getting to put in their first ride.

Once riding, your child will typically start on a lunge line or lead rope so that they can learn balance and cues while under control. As they gain confidence and ability they can safely come off the line and begin riding independently.


They will learn a variety of skills that are universal to riding disciplines and will be exposed to a little of each (such as English, jumping, western, bareback, etc.) Depending on the day (due to weather or sometimes to the benefit of the horse or child) we will revisit and progress with groundwork lessons or do a lesson at liberty.

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What lessons look like:

Cost is $50 per 1 hour lesson, or $60 per 1.5 hour lesson

  • Catch and halter their lesson horse

    • Based on age, this may be in the pasture or the arena

    • They will always have guidance in this, as safety is our top priority!

  • Groom and tack horse, if tack is being used for the lesson

  • Warm up with ground work to assess where the horse is mentally and to engage them before getting on

  • Ride or lesson work for about 30-50 min, depending on the lesson length

  • Untack and groom their horse

  • Lead horse back to the pasture

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